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About Us

  • Services

    • Data Integration Solutions - We have extensive experience with APIs and data manipulation. If you have systems that need to talk, then talk to us.
    • Server Management - We have been managing Linux servers for the past 17 years. If you need someone to manage your server and want confidence around security and uptime then talk to us.
    • Web Development - We have extensive experience with application development, especially web technologies and databases. Call us if you need an application developed or updated.
  • What’s data plumbing?

    Ok, so we’re not technically plumbers, but it’s a good analogy to help describe what we do. We consider ‘data plumbing’ as connecting up your IT systems so that data flows between them and if required over the internet to your staff, clients and suppliers. We use tools like apps and the cloud to help with all this.

    We admit it. We’re a highly talented group of geeks with a passion for programming. We offer over 100 years of collective experience in designing and developing data integration solutions and online applications. We draw on that experience to provide effective solutions to get your data flowing everywhere it needs to go.

    We take pride in helping your business succeed and we are prepared to go the extra mile to make it work for you.
  • Results

    We deliver pragmatic solutions that are solid and reliable, rather than fancy and fashionable. We are committed to delivering effective solutions and are accountable for their success.
  • Unique solutions

    The best fit for your business, every time. We don’t ascribe to one particular product. We use what is right for you. For when ‘one size does not fit all’, we will design and develop a customised, made to measure solution to meet your business's needs.
  • How we work

    Here’s a brief description of how we work with clients:
    • Initial chat over the phone or email to see how we can be of service
    • Meet for a full brief / consultation
    • Review what you have in place already
    • Research and present recommendations
    • Design and Development
    • Implementation
    • Review
  • Our pledge

    We promise to listen and understand your requirements, communicate in plain English and deliver well planned, well executed solutions that provide real benefits.

    We understand your business. We want you to succeed.

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Toner Express

"Dear AptApp,

Thanks so much for your work on integrating our databases and turning our information in to something more manageable.

It has been quite overwhelming to manage at times, but you have understood our needs, and the complex information we have, and managed to bring it all into a much more usable format.

We wouldn’t hesitate recommending your services to anyone."

Danny Mountain
Managing Director
Toner Express NZ Ltd


"AptApp met our complex data analysis and development requirements with innovation and understanding.

They have steadily built trust with their professionalism, depth of experience and agile, responsive approach.

Our project has been a demanding one with many on the fly changes required over time to meet the changing needs of the project."

Travis Blood
Managing Director

Dimension 3

"For over a year now, AptApp have managed a number of online services for us.

These guys know what they are doing and pro-actively ensure that the services continue to run securely and reliably.

The great thing is that we simply do not have to worry about them! They are very approachable, ready to listen and are flexible."

Tim Nelson
Dimension3 Ltd


"Developing and managing the code and infrastructure to deliver a complex and secure web application used by thousands every day and in multiple countries is a mammoth ongoing task.

Utilising the expertise, hard work and always on time services of the team at AptApp we can guarantee meeting the quality and service standards for our clients and minimising any service interruptions.

What we appreciate most about working with AptApp is their open and honest communication and commitment to cutting through the complexity to get things done right, and right now."

Ben Davies
Operations Manager
CIRCLE - The Center for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Learning in Education

Our Team

Dave Braddock
Managing Director
Tim Owens
Technical Manager
Daniel Toma
Developer Extraordinaire


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